Architectural complex “Museum of religions”

The Architectural complex “Museum of religions” is a unique cult place in the center of Stara Zagora, worshiped as a sacred place during the historical ages.
The conduction of archaeological excavations revealed incredible stratification of religious practices performed in the complex: remains of a cult pit from the Early Iron Age (X - IX c. BC), pagan sanctuary dedicated to the Thracian horseman (II - III c.), medieval Christian cemetery church (end of X - XIII c.) and Muslim temple (XV - XX c.) - indisputable evidence of uncommon continuity.

Nowadays the Muslim temple “Eski mosque” has the best preserved architecture through its recognition as national historical monument in 1927. In 1968 “Eski mosque” is declared to be national architectural monument of culture from the Antiquity and the Middle Ages. In 1972 the wall-paintings were announced monument of architecture and art of national significance. In 2003 the remains of the medieval Christian cemetery church are declared to be an individual archaeological monument of culture.

In 2011 full conservation and restoration of the complex was conducted under a project of the Ministry of culture. The preserved cult elements are exhibited in a suitable way. The wall-paintings and the decorations reveal magnificence of master skills and colours.


1, Pazarska, str.

Entrance fee:

Adults – 3,00 BGN

Pupils and full-time students – 1,00 BGN

Group visits by 10 and more persons – 2,00 BGN

Disabled visitors – free of charge

Entrance fee for adults with children

– adults – 1,00 BGN

– children over 7 – 1,00 BGN

– children under 7 – free of charge

Opening times of the museum (October to March)

Tuesday – Saturday

10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Closed on:

Sunday and Monday


Opening times of the museum (April to September)

Tuesday – Sunday

10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Closed on:




Architectural complex “Museum of religions”
Architectural complex “Museum of religions”
Architectural complex “Museum of religions”

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