Neolithic dwellings Museum


In the western part of Stara Zagora there is a prehistoric locality mound. Its height is 8.5 m. and diameter at its base of 90 m. The first inhabitants of this place settled during the Neolithic era (late VII - VI millennium B.C.) and with short interruptions the life there continued until the Bronze Age (III millennium BC).

During a rescue archaeological research in 1969 remains of a burned dwelling were found there. It is one of the best preserved and richest in inventory two-storey residential dwelling in Europe from the early Neolithic period (beginning of the VI millennium B.C.). It was preserved in situ in a special protection construction.

The size of the dwelling is 10 x 5.80 m and it was 7 m high. It was built from wooden stakes fixed in the ground, interwoven with rods. The construction was coated with a mixture of clay and straw.

There were two rooms on the first floor and one on the second. The dwelling was inhabited by 3 families. On the northern walls of the room there were the furnaces, which are the best preserved ones from the Neolithic period.  Next to them there are stone hand mills for grinding grain and large ceramic vessels – granaries, where grain stocks were stored by the inhabitants of the house.

In each of the rooms there are about 60 ceramic vessels with various shapes and decoration. They were scattered on the floor after the dwelling had been burnt down.

Three ceramic columns are also preserved on-site. In their top end they are branched out and resemble bull horns. These columns were cult sanctuaries where the inhabitants used to perform rituals. The furnace, bits of the stone hand mills, and other inventory, originally from the second floor of the dwelling, had fallen down on the first floor.

Standing before the remains of this ancient Neolithic dwelling we are revealed the world of people who lived in this place 8000 years ago.

In the basement of the museum there is an exhibition Prehistoric Art in Stara Zagora. Everyone can see there wonderful masterpieces of pottery, anthropomorphic and zoomorphic sculptures, ornaments and tools made by the creators of the first European civilization..


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Opening times (April to September):
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Ticket office closes at 5:30 pm

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The museum is staffed by a tour guide and there is a souvenir stand.

On the west there is a car park.

When approaching the museum there is an information sign directing to the Neolithic dwellings Museum.

Neolithic dwellings Museum
Neolithic dwellings Museum
Neolithic dwellings Museum

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