Late antique mosaics


The mosaics were found in one of the premises of a private house. The house is in the central part of the city and is 1.600 sq. m. It dates back to IV century.

The reception hall (tablinum) is shaped with a colourful mosaic wall panel and in its centre there is a decorative pool – piscina.

The mosaics represent an entire cosmogonic scheme: the water world it its inhabitants; the earthly world – with fruits and animals; the heavenly world – with the scene “Spring of life”. The Eden is partly hinted where the souls of those believing in God and the righteous people are depicted as a doe and a duck. It is considered that the composition was borrowed from the ancient Judaic symbolism, and this scene is one of its earliest records of the past.

117 Gen Stoletov Blvd.
Entrance fee:

Adults – 3,00 BGN
Pupils and full-time students – 1,00 BGN
Group visits by 10 and more persons – 2,00 BGN
Disabled visitors – free of charge
Entrance fee for adults with children
– adults – 1,00 BGN
– children over 7 – 1,00 BGN
– children under 7 – free of charge

Opening times:

Visiting the Late antique mosaics from a Roman private house is available only prior request at tel.: +359 42 919 214

Late antique mosaics
Late antique mosaics
Late antique mosaics

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