Antique Archaeology Department

Antique Archaeology Department was differentiated in 1972. Until then it was part of Archaeology Department, which was established in the museum at the beginning of the 50’s of XX century. There used to work the famous Bulgarian archaeologists Senior Research Associate (S.R.A.) Dimitur Nikolov (a honorary citizen of Stara Zagora), S.R.A Hristo Buyukliev PhD, R.A. Krasimir Kalchev.

The archaeologists from the department investigate mostly sites on the territory of "Augusta Trayana-Vereya-Stara Zagora" reserve, as well as other antique sites within Stara Zagora District. In the fund are stored invaluable museum objects: a bronze helmet-mask, some golden vials, a small bronze cauldron depicting Heracles’ feats, bronze applications of chariots, golden ornaments. Extremely rich of exhibits are the collections of glass and bronze vessels. Many of the above exhibits are part of exhibitions in the country and abroad. Currently the department fund contains about 8,000 movable cultural property from the Hellenistic, Roman, late Roman and early Byzantine periods.


Head of department:

Assistant professor Maria Kamisheva

Tel: +359 42 919 204



Antique Archaeology Department

Important exhibits of the fund are:

  • Marble votive tablet of Dionysus, II-III century
  • Silver cup " Boscoreale", I century  
  • Glass - modiolus, I-II century
  • Silver phalera, I-II century
  • Bronze helmet, I century
  • Gold Fiala, VI century B.C.

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