Department Contemporary History

Department "Contemporary History" was established in 1955. Until 1990 it was called Socialist construction Department. Compiling the main collection was done by Peter Koev who worked there from 1955 to 1986. with different duration in Contemporary History Department worked prof. Milena Tonkova PhD, Marin Minkov PhD, Dimitrina Kutsarova, prof. Vera Boneva PhD, Assoc. Prof. Sofia Vassileva, Mario Tsvetkov, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Svetla Dimitrova. Over the years Contemporary History Department has realized many exhibitions, seminars, conferences, open lessons. Nowadays, in its main fund there are over 27,700 stock units, and in the subsidiary fund - over 32 600. The different collections related to the development of industry, agriculture, health care, culture, education, science, social and political life depict through pictures, photo-negatives, documents, printed materials and publications, everyday objects, awards, models, etc. the life in the Stara Zagora  and the region from the second half of the twentieth century to present days. The rich collection of the museum is easily accessible thanks to the detailed thematic indexes.

Contemporary History


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Contemporary History

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