Numismatics department

Numismatics department was differentiated as separate in 1972 with Head S.R.A. Dimitar Nikolov, who was also Director of the museum at that time. The numismatic fund is one of the richest in the country. The beginning of the coin collection was set in 1908. The fund numbers more than 25 000 coins, dating from IV c. B.C. up to nowadays – Thracian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Medieval, Bulgarian, Western European, Russian, Ottoman, Present- day, etc.


Head of Department:

Mariana Minkova, PhD

Tel: +359 884 477 132



Among the significant coin treasures are:

  • Hemidrachms of Thracian Chersonese and Parion found in the region of Troianovo village and Gorno Novo Selo
  • Bronze coins of Philip II Macedon and Alexander III the Great, found in Novo Selo and Mogilovo villages.
  • Roman republican denarius found in Pravoslav and Medovo villages
  • Tetradrachms of the cities Maroneia, Thassos and Athens and their imitations from the villages of Bratya Kunchevi, Benkovski, Naydenovo, Medovo, Oriahovitsa;
  • Roman antoniani and denarius (II-III c.) from the villages Kazanka, Svoboda, Sladuk Kladenets, Samuilovo, Mihaylovo, Shanovo;
  • follises (IV c.) from the villages Gita, Arnautito, Rakitnitsa;
  • golden coins from the Comnenus, found in Suedinenie village;
  • Billons of Manuel I Comnenus, Isaac II Angelos, Alexios III Angelos, Bulgarian and Latin imitations;
  • West European thalers from Stara Zagora;
  • Ottoman coins;

The department holds the richest collection of coins minted in Augusta Trayana, and a collection of Byzantine lead tokens.

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