Medieval archaeology

The department was established as a separate one in 1972. The first curator was Stoyanka Vlashka. From 1974 until the beginning of 2014 the department was headed by Dimitur Yankov, who carried out excavations in Augusta Trayana - Vereya - Stara Zagora archaeological reserve; the archaeological reserve near town of Krun; the church Sveta Paraskeva; Enina village, Karasura site (in the area of Rupkite village, Chirpan Municipality); archaeological sites along Maritsa Highway, Trakia Highway, Maritsa Iztok Thermal Power Plant, and others.


Head of department:

Donka Koleva

Tel. : +369 887 259 614


Middle ages

Medieval archaeology

In the department there are preserved over 1800 movable cultural valuables, and most significant among them are:

  • Stone relief of a lioness with a cub – part of the Coat of arms of contemporary Stara Zagora
  • Bronze matrix with evangelic scene of Annunciation - constant participant in international exhibitions, a masterpiece of Byzantine Metropolitan sculpture from the eleventh century.
  • Military equipment of: Foederatus warrior (VI c.) and late medieval warrior (XIII c.)
  • Silver finery (earrings, bracelets) from the necropolis of the city (XI - XII c.)
  • Golden ring (XIV c.)

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